Adam Ryan from the 'In All Airness' Podcast

Episode 83,   Feb 08, 2020, 04:06 AM

Adam Ryan (@inallairness) host of the Michael Jordan-era Podcast 'In All Airness'.

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Topics we cover:
  • Getting guests (email request structure)
  • Why the name ‘In All Airness’?
  • Why a podcast not a website?
  • Why NBA pre-1998
  • NBA Media in Australia in the 90s
  • The 1989 ‘The Shot’ series 
  • Sam Smith and working with the famous Chicago papers 
  • NBA Books 
  • Stealing books 
  • ‘Jordan Rules’ and ‘Second Coming’ books
  •  Interview composure 
  • NBA Entertainment videos of the 90s
  • Jordan post playing days 
  • Jordan’s first retirement controversy 
  • ‘The Last Dance’ upcoming documentary 
  • The 1993/94 Bulls sans Jordan 
  • Bulls vs Orlando 1994/95
  • How the ‘Come Fly with Me’ cover photo became to be 
  • The 1989 NBA All-Star game 

Recorded August 14th 2019