MEET OUR BROKER:Realty Growth Report: Ep 3 with Nick Pompeian

Feb 09, 2020, 12:14 AM
In this episode, Nick Pompeian and Tanner Nordlund sit down and chat about the current real estate market, current trends, and future predictions for the city.

Nick Pompeian, owner of Realty Growth, has been in the real estate game since July 2010. He takes after his father, one of the original founders of RGI, and has been running the company alongside Bucky Beeman since 2012. Nick is involved in developments and hospitality within the community.

Tanner Nordlund is new to the commercial real estate industry with a background in residential real estate. Tanner has been building business by helping small business owners find locations in the Rochester area.

The Realty Growth team is here to help, learn, and listen from people passionate about commercial real estate investment.

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