Episode 4: Curricula, class and university rankings

Feb 09, 2020, 09:25 PM
Episode 4 

Welcome to the fourth in the series of podcasts featuring two university Registrars talking about higher ed stuff. Dave Hall of the University of Leicester and Dr Paul Greatrix of the University of Nottingham talk through a number of items of registrarial interest with the focus this time very much on teaching and learning. The big issues addressed include: are we doing the right things in the classroom and how do we know; what is higher education actually for - is it all about getting a great job or more to do with lliving a good life and being a good citizen; and shouldn’t senior managers be focusing on all of this a bit more? There’s lots of discussion too on curricula, community and inclusivity and the extent to which social class is still a vital issue in higher education. There are also meanderings through the corridors of the School of Life, some mention of the rankings and then the place of academic discourse in public life. A packed agenda to enjoy.