S1E37 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapters 1-3

Feb 12, 12:00 AM
In this episode we commence Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! 
We also take the submissions from the 'Punchline Out of Context' Instagram competition and try and seamlessly insert them into our conversation. The results are... well, typical of Poorly Read.

The submissions we chose were:

• 'And that's how I got pregnant'
• 'You can Dumble my Dore'
• 'Fuck me sideways and call me Minerva!'
• 'I think I just saw Stephen Fry floating past the window!'
• 'I'm deadly Sirius'

So listen out for those, along with some incestuous cousin-ing, lady envelopes, and Vernon being not too happy about a 'blizard'....

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