Wednesday, February 12: Chaz Is Fired Up About Tolls, AJ's Word Association, And What's Really Going On With The Gravity Broom Challenge?

Feb 12, 2020, 04:25 PM

The tolls debate is back, thanks to an unprecedented plan by lawmakers. Chaz, obviously, had lots to say about the plan and Patrick Sasser caught us all up on the most recent toll discussion meetings (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - the gravity broom internet trend is for dumb asses who believe everything they read on social AJ (10:53)

Attorney Peg Sheahan shares a story about the time she was robbed by a child while working at a bank (15:36)

Dr. Patty Ann analyzes AJ's word association (22:36)

Lieutenant David Hartman from Wilton talks about being part of a group of officers climbing Mount Kilimajaro for the Special Olympics (26:30)