Sgt. Mark Tappan & K-9 Officer Mattis from A&E's 'America's Top Dog'

Feb 17, 11:00 AM
As if keeping the streets of Alpharetta safe from criminals wasn’t enough, Sgt. Mark Tappan and his K9 partner Mattis have also been kicking butt on A&E’s new series America’s Top Dog. 

This week we had the dynamic duo in studio to discuss their experience as winners on the show, how they came to be partners and so much more!

Will they be in the March finale and in the running for the grand prize of $25,000? We won’t find out cause he can’t tell us but we hope so!  In the meantime, enjoy this very fun interview and join the other 46,000 + folks who are already following Mattis on Instagram.

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