Referral Marketing with Soreto, Awin Report 2020 Launch and Bounceless Tracking Discussion

Feb 17, 11:29 AM

Referral marketing capitalises on the popularity of social platforms for sharing recommendations with your friends and family. Awin Talks host Rob Davinson chats to Ricki to discuss the power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing and how Soreto are helping advertisers turn their customers into online brand ambassadors. Co-host Kevin Edwards then speaks to Awin’s Product Marketing Manager, Ed Chaput, for a product update and learns more about the network’s latest tracking release, Bounceless Tracking. The launch of Awin’s new tracking solution featured prominently in our affiliate predictions whitepaper this year. Read our Senior Product Manager, Stephen Short’s, prediction below which provides context behind the development, and explains how the browser updates that initiated it may impact digital advertising in the future. Rob and Kevin discuss their respective speaking slots at Affiliate Summit West conference in Las Vegas and the contents of this year’s newly-launched Awin Report.

On the February episode of Awin Talks we speak to Ricki Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at referral marketing solution Soreto, an Awin affiliate.