Jonathan Simons / The Analog Sea

Mar 18, 05:00 AM

Episode 28 of Unsound Methods with Jonathan Simons of the Analog Sea.

This episode is a little different to our usual output as we speak to Jonathan Simons: publisher, writer, editor, musician, occasional translator, and the person behind the Analog Sea Review.

The Analog Sea is an 'offline publisher of printed books', but there's much more to it that that - as you will hear, Jonathan's entire approach involves shunning the online world, almost as a revolutionary act. We discuss the reasons behind this approach, the insights it provides and the contradictions that it inevitably involves.

The Analog Sea's sprawling comprehensive* website (as discussed in the show) is available here:

To receive a copy of the latest Analog Sea Bulletin, send a letter to.

PO Box 11670
Austin, Texas 78711
United States


Basler Strasse 115
79115 Freiburg

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