507 - 35 Years of The Breakfast Club & Actor Adrian Zmed

Feb 18, 2020, 10:54 AM

Get tickets to see Adrian Zmed in Dan Clancy's "Middletown" (along with Didi Conn, Donny Most & Sandy Duncan) - now through Sunday, February 23, at the Strand Theater in Marietta.

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This week's show kicks off with a Cheech & Chong discussion, Steph recaps her Barkville Dog Resuce charity event, what everyone did for Valentine's Day, Tim ran into Adult Swim's Casper Kelly, are we going to like 'The Jesus Rolls'?, Happy 35th birthday to "The Breaksfast Club", Casey Kasem does the biggest hits (a 10 Ten list from February 1985), Red Box Troll visits, What We're Watching, Staff Picks and more.

GUEST! Actor Adrian Zmed calls in to promote "Middletown The Ride of Your Life", appearing all this week at The Strand theater in Marietta. Joining Adrian are; Donny Most, Sandy Duncan, and Didi Conn. Zmed talks his start in acting, Grease 2, scenes that were cut from Bachelor Party, TJ Hooker, William Shatner's great advice and shares his current project, "Women Erased".

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