02.19.2020: Did Pat Connaughton get hosed in the dunk contest? Plus: Giannis in the fourth quarter

Feb 19, 11:00 AM

A look back at All-Star weekend, including that memorable fourth quarter and Pat Connaughton in the dunk contest. Lots of Giannis talk, including his offense on a big stage and the supermax.

Bucks beat reporter Matt Velazquez looks back at All-Star weekend, from Pat Connaughton's (under-rewarded?) dunk contest showing to Giannis and his teammates in a spirited fourth quarter. Can we learn anything about Giannis' game based on how the All-Star Game ended. What level of concern should Bucks fans have over an interview where he casually mentioned it'd be fun to play with his brothers in L.A.? Plus: we saw our first Marvin Williams minutes against Indiana and the second-half schedule will present some interesting challenges.

 Music intro: "Wide Eyes" by Chad Crouch, available at freemusicarchive.org and soundofpicture.com