132: The Pharmacist and Inside Story's "False Witness"

Feb 19, 2020, 02:00 PM
The new four-parter about a grieving father's crusade against Purdue Pharma, The Pharmacist, has a couple of problems -- but, guest Jeb Lund and I agree, the chief issue is that we wanted more: more on the pill-mill ecosystem, more on the race and class issues that permeate awareness of the opioid crisis, and more from this production team. Even when Dan Schneider Sr.'s grief is hard to watch, The Pharmacist is very watchable.

Our Cold Case topic, Inside Story's episode on Jeffrey MacDonald from 1989, isn't UN-watchable; it's just...kind of weird. It seems like it's trying to both-sides the evidence, but in doing so, often exposes alternate theories of the crime as absurd-sounding. It also seems like it's trying to trap MacDonald in bogus overacting, and like it's trying to explain the late-'60s counterculture to visitors from space? But it got Jeb interested in the case, so hold onto your pajama bottoms: it's The Blotter Presents, Episode 132.