Dorothy Chan: Food, Sex and Sonnets

Season 1, Episode 14,   Feb 19, 2020, 12:15 AM

Poet Dorothy Chan discusses pleasure, pop-culture, and the addiction she has to writing sonnets. Sonnets, she says, are like appetizers on a menu at a fancy restaurant – small, experimental, and the perfect size to taste without filling up. Unlike traditional sonnets though, Dorothy has pioneered the triple-crown sonnet, a variation that strings three little sonnets into a fuller three-course meal. Chan says, “Three is a lucky number, and I want poetry to make us feel lucky.” See how you can use her method to feel lucky too!

Revision Technique: We discuss the importance of line-breaks, and powerful end-stop words. Tresha will discuss how she’s never understood line-breaks, and Kelly and Dorothy will clue her in to how to use them to make more effective work.