Is it too late to hit the career reset button? The reskilling episode.

Feb 24, 2020, 08:48 AM
In 2020, is it a case of climbing the career ladder or are you on a career climbing frame? 

Inspired by a recent survey which suggests that most people don’t decide what they truly want to do until they are 33, this episode delves into the world of retraining. The same report also claims that millennials will have 11 job roles in their lifetime, so we also ask the question: When, if ever, is it too late to hit the career reset button?

In this episode of Get2020Vision, we explore the issues surrounding a change in career, tweaking things slightly, starting again completely, experience vs qualifications and there’s even, oddly, a reference to a stegosaurus. 

As always, we’re joined by people who have been there and done it. Listen to Victoria Sacre, who trained for years to become a graphic designer, only to reskill and become a DevOps Engineer. Also joining us is Ian Andrews, Head of Engineering at Nationwide, Ian is also Director of the Tech Talent Charter – in both roles Ian is directly involved with reskilling and retraining people. 

This episode is useful for anyone looking to switch up skills, make moves or promote productivity from an individual or business perspective.

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