LSE Limelight #12: Declaring pronouns with Jason Reed

Episode 25,  Feb 24, 2020, 05:19 PM

“I think a lot of the RIght is guilty of fetishisation of freedom. I would very much call myself a proponent of freedom but I think vast swathes of people weaponise it disingenuously in order to make out that they are the victims of some great oppression when somebody suggests that they should state their pronouns." – Jason Reed, freelanced writer and a second-year Sociology student.

In this episode of LSE Limelight, we talk to Jason Reed about his recent article published in the i newspaper entitled 'Why I, a cisgender Tory male, state my pronouns'. We talk about why he chose to write the article, writing to a socially conservative audience and how people have reacted to his piece. Read his article here.

Presented and produced by Yasmina O'Sullivan.

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