The Other Side | A Conversation With Tim Shaw Part 1

Jun 15, 09:00 AM

Is the other side aware of those who are aware of them?

Timothy Shaw grew up surrounded by spirituality. The concept of there being another side to our dimension was not a foreign one. Communicating with deceased loved ones and the dead were common practices among his family. As Tim grew older, he would learn that the ability to communicate with the dead was a skill that he could focus in on, and in his own way, be a bridge for messages from the dead to the living. Today on The Grave Talks, we hear about the story and experiences of Timothy Shaw.

  • Is the other side aware of those who are aware of them?
  • Are spirits always seeking sensitive living messengers to convey their messages?
  • The idea of the spirits roaming the planet often contradicts the religious belief of immediate transitioning into heaven or hell. What does Tim believe about this process?
  • Does Tim believe that a living person's own energy can be responsible for paranormal activity, essentially the living haunting the living? 

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