Mar 02, 2020, 09:00 AM

Wendy is coping with life after the traumatic experience of going through 'ECT'. Most of her memories are gone and as she bumps into a familiar face from her past that she can't quite place, her memories slowly start to return. Not all of them easy to come to terms with.

In association with Arts Council England. Bamalam Productions is proud to present... 

Cracking The Feathers
Written By Ian Winterton
Directed By Celia De Wolff


Julie Hesmondhalgh as Wendy
Robert Glenister as Oliver
Marlon Solomon as Simon
Oliver Devoti as David
David Fleeshman as Alan
Lauren Sturgess as ECT Doctor / Barmaid
James Steventon as Young Simon / Shop Clerk / Doctor
Tom Sturgess & Elliot Winterton as Young David  

Music: I Giorni By Ludovico Einaudi 
All Rights Reserved to Warner Chappell Music