Diana Luke - Presenter, Viking, Jazz, Superstation, County Sound, BBC local

Episode 98,   Mar 03, 2020, 01:29 PM

Her warm Canadian tones graced UK radio stations for over twenty years.

In this hour of Radio Moments Conversations, Diana Luke tells of how she fell into radio whilst reviewing a book at Hallam, leading to a role as Viking’s first female broadcaster.  As her reputation grew across Yorkshire, Diana was summoned to be part of the new commercial radio late-night networked service ‘The Superstation’ where she worked alongside the greats like Johnnie Walker, Bob Harris – and was produced by a young Chris Evans.

Diana tells too of her memories of the women’s station Viva!; and how she was heard on County Sound, LBC, Peak FM and Real Radio. She speaks fondly of launch day at Jazz where she hosted its first breakfast show; GLR, her award-winning show in Ireland; and about her close listener relationship at BBC local radio.

She opens up about her personal challenges and those of a woman in radio – and draws parallels between her new world as a therapist and her former life on-air. She highlights too the interpersonal skills on and off-air relevant to both.

In her own words this is the Diana Luke story.

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