134: McMillion$ and Rotten

Mar 04, 02:00 PM
I'm so grateful Dr. Marcia Chatelain made time for even more discussion of fast-food malfeasance; she's my guest again as we take a look at the back half of Monopoly-scam docuseries McMillion$. The character-based future seasons we wanted, "poor man's Sante Kimes" used as a verb, the ways in which McMillion$ is the most American of stories, and much more.

Later, we waded into Netflix's Big Food series, Rotten, which does a lot of things well (good research, excellent vintage footage), but a lot of other things not so well (stentoriously inexperienced narration, over-reliance on said vintage footage). Is there any food we can feel ethically okay about enjoying? Is there any-one who will steal TancĂ­taro's avocado welcome sculpture for Sarah? Find out what happens when Mayor Pete does a presentation in Dr. Marcia's class; it's The Blotter Presents, Episode 134.