Mar 06, 08:01 AM
A peaceful apartment complex turns violent when an angry tenant named Mitch takes out his frustrations on the on-site manager. Det. Dave recounts the fateful summer day when Mitch does the unthinkable.

Guest:  Detective Dave
Dave began his career in law enforcement in 2007. Before his recent promotion to Sergeant, he spent six years as a detective primarily investigating Sex Crimes and Child Abuse for his police department in Small Town, USA. He still serves as a Crisis and Hostage Negotiator, and during his tenure as a detective, he served on the advisory boards of multiple children’s and victims’ advocacy groups. Despite Dave’s well-deserved promotion, the Small Town Dicks Team will continue to call him “Detective Dave” on the podcast because … well… we like to give him a hard time. And because “Detective Dave” is basically his stage name now so we’re sticking with it.