How biotech investors can profit from an ageing population and the future of medicine

Mar 09, 08:54 AM
The Blue Whale fund has delivered sparkling performance since its launch just over two years ago, but its manager is also looking to protect his investors if a downturn arrives.

Manager Stephen Yiu looks for the 30 best companies in the world and says that were we to go into recession tomorrow, he would be comfortable that they could still deliver returns.

With the fund becoming an investor's darling thanks to its strong returns, how it would fare in a downturn or if the US stock market it is heavily invested in tumbles, should be a key question for investors. 

So what has been the secret to Blue Whale’s start-up success and where is the fund investing now? 

On this episode of the Investing Show, its manager Stephen Yiu joins Simon Lambert and Richard Hunter to discuss its performance.

He talks about the companies that he is backing, why he believes the US still holds great opportunities and how he seeks to protect his investors from shares that face risks – and overvaluation.