Blue Prism Digital Assets: OnBase Connectors

Mar 06, 2020, 06:00 AM
In this episode, we have Chris Ellenburg and Chandler Coffman to talk about the Blue Prism Digital Exchange and the OnBase Connectors that the RPA team here at KeyMark has been working on. Their team has created 4 assets! Two of the assets were released at the time of this recording, OnBase Workflow Document Handles and OnBase Get Keywords and the final two, OnBase Upload Files and OnBase Execute Ad-Hoc Task, have now been released as well.

In this episode, Chris and Chandler explain how these assets work and why they decided to create these specific assets. For more information on the Digital Exchange Assets and how you can download them, please visit our website at this link:

All of the assets come "as is" under the MIT license, but we can customize them through engagement.