The invisible voice of children under two

Episode 26,   Mar 09, 2020, 09:34 AM

Infants under two may not be able to verbally express what they see and experience to social workers and practitioners. In this month’s episode, we discuss our learning from case reviews briefing on infants.

Conversation highlights include: observing and interpreting behaviour in young children to identify signs of early trauma; what to look out for when interviewing parents or carers about their child; the importance of focusing on the child; interacting with children and understanding their voice; and the importance of applying multi-agency practices when monitoring risks.

Hear how social workers and practitioners can monitor risks and ensure the safety of infants under two to prevent these from becoming child safeguarding practice reviews.

This episode features:
  • Rachel Anslow, social worker at the NSPCC
  • Wendy Noctor, Safeguarding Manager for the NSPCC’s Safeguarding Unit
  • Liana Sanzone, social worker for the NSPCC’s London Infant and Family Team (LIFT)
View the podcast transcript on the NSPCC Learning website.