135: The Most Dangerous Animal Of All and Hustlers

Mar 11, 01:00 PM
Can FX repeat its American Crime Story success in the unscripted space? The Most Dangerous Animal Of All takes a big swing, but Gary Stewart may get stuck on the bench with me, my guest Eve Batey, and everyone else whose dads aren't the Zodiac. Would this have made a good feature just on the criminal drama that was Stewart's birth parents? What is the series trying to accomplish with the volte face in the fourth episode? And should I rename the podcast "Look, Nobody's Dad Did Anything"?

But we're thrilled that Hustlers qualified for discussion in our Cold Case section, and no, not JUST because it's a crime that Jennifer Lopez didn't get an Oscar nom. What makes a good longread-to-film adaptation? Does Constance Wu make the perfect not-too-charismatic protagonist? And is Cardi B's character running on a pro-labor platform or what? Don't let your earbuds fall out during a reverse stag: it's The Blotter Presents, Episode 135.