S3:E5 Shirley, Friends. Friends, Shirley. Part 1

Season 3, Episode 5,   Mar 11, 2020, 01:00 AM

On this episode of The Medium Matters we are joined by our wonderful friend to the show, Shirley, and it’s a jaw dropping good time.  Shirley shares her real-life ghost stories with us and they are SCARY!  From friendly ghosts, John and Terry, to the nightmarish, Delilah, it’s enough to make you crawl right back under your covers and stay there until summer.
Want to hear about people getting pushed into walls, hit on the head and actions meant to cause serious harm to the living?  Tune into another can’t-miss episode of The Medium Matters and get your meditation on.  
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Hosted By: Shantel 
Guest: Shirley