S2 #2 - Nico Macdonald, 50 Years of the Internet Project

Mar 11, 2020, 10:06 AM
Series 2 of the One Zero One podcast continues with a very interesting discussion with Nico Macdonald, Educator, Facilitator and Consultant on Innovation and Creativity. 

Macdonald, Tutor at CIEE London Global Institute and Tutor/Visiting Fellow at London Southbank University, joined One Zero One host Peter Gothard to discuss the ‘Next 50 Years of the Internet’ project. 

2019 was the 50th anniversary of the Internet and the 30th anniversary of the Web, and Nico Macdonald believes that this presents a wonderful opportunity to raise the level of understanding and interest in the Internet (and the Web and digital technologies), to reflect on our achievements (and the associated challenges), and to imagine where we might go next. 

Download or stream this episode to learn more about ‘The Next 50 Years of the Internet Project’ and how you could get involved.