Ep. 41 Star Wars Rise of Sots Watcher

Season 3, Episode 2,   Mar 12, 2020, 04:00 AM

THE SOTS SPEAK! That's right Sotskers, the time has come! It's been 9 films in the making, spanning five decades, STAR WARS Episode IX Rise of Skywalker has arrived and man are the fans . . . predictable. But just because half the fans say it "ruined the franchise" while the other half say it "was a fitting end to the legacy" doesn't mean either side is right! We bring back our favorite opinionated guest Joshua Redwine and introduce our newest and, dareisay, most optimistic guest yet, Luke Hadenfeldt! Hype or flop, lightside or darkside, nuanced storytelling or hamfisted nonsense?