Ridiculous ways to decide the PL table & 'Man Utd x France '18'

Season 6, Episode 34,   Mar 17, 2020, 06:40 PM

START - 00:20:13 | Football's response to the coronavirus

'It could completely revolutionise the football fixture calendar from next season on.'

00:20:44 - 00:34:39 | Alternative league tables if the Premier League season ended now

'Arsenal would finish above Spurs for the first time in three seasons.'

00:35:16 - 00:45:21 | Forgotten injured players we cannot (and can) wait to see return

'The Netherlands were genuine contenders to win Euro 2020... but without Memphis, it would have fallen apart'

00:45:36 - 00:53:25 | Man Utd's quest to assemble the Premier League's best midfield

'If Pogba and Fernandes are in the same team, do Man Utd have the Premier League's best midfield on paper?'

00:53:25 - END | Inspiration from FRANCE 98' & 18'

'Man Utd could learn from France and their World Cup winning team to get the best out of Paul Pogba.'