Art: Sketch artist Juan Urieta remembers, paints Kobe Bryant

Episode 13,   Mar 19, 2020, 04:32 AM

Quote:  "From the first day we received the horrible news of Kobe passing away, I have been receiving request for Kobe portraits," Juan Urieta - Sketch Artist
Juan Urieta is a sketch artist on the rise. His sketch of Kobe Bryant has been in demand from friends moved by the death of the NBA great. Juan is a die-hard sports fan, and an immigrant success story. He works in the auto sales industry but never abandoned his love of art. 

Working in the arts, Urieta once did airbrush work for Harley Davidson working on custom bikes. He is now living the dream of having his own studio space and art gallery, OOAK (one of a kind) gallery in the downtown Santa Ana artist district.
Instagram: @Juan_Urieta_Lopez