Thursday, March 19: The Latest On Coronavirus Around Connecticut, Plus How It's Impacting Concerts In A Big Way

Mar 19, 2020, 04:45 PM

Dr. Browne, Chief Medical Officer at Griffin Health, with the latest on Coronavirus in Connecticut (0:00)

Tina from HomeAides on what to know before sending someone to check in on your parents or grandparents (12:23)

Carrie, a mom who had her daughter tested for coronavirus (16:33)

Oxford First Selectman George Temple and Scot Haney check in (23:59)

Gil from Connecticut Childrens Hospital (33:02)

Cameron a manager from Market 32 with a message for you (41:18)

Reporter George Colli has a story that is not being reported (45:45)

Breaking Connecticut concert info from Jimmy Koplik (54:35)

Dave from Riverview Bistro is open for business (1:07:09)