Mysterious Moon

Mar 23, 05:00 AM

Why is it so hard to land on the moon? How much trash is on the moon? And how many humans could the world support? All these moon related questions (and a whole lot more) are answered by our intrepid science reporters, Jeanna and Mindy.
Below you can find links to further reading on the topics discussed in this episode.

  • Recent moon missions by Israel and India were unsuccessful and their landers crashed during entry
  • During Apollo missions, human eyes and reflexes helped make for successful landings 

Interview with Ariel Deutsch, a Phd candidate at Brown University in Rhode Island and a NASA graduate fellow 

  • The moon is our closest celestial body
  • Temperatures swing from super hot 273 F (134 C) to bone-chilling 

  • Humans first started sending spacecraft to the moon in the 1960s
  • The are reported to be every day items such as pairs of boots and  - specifically -  2 golf balls on the moon 

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