The Oddcast Turns One

Mar 20, 2020, 09:30 PM
Happy anniversary! Hard to believe there are almost 52 episodes. "Almost", because a couple of episodes have gone missing. These are now refered to as The "lost" episodes. If you find them, give them back please. Otherwise, console yourself with this thought: how can these two idiots have done 52 hours (roughly) worth of yelling, screaming and general ignorant pontificating? Well, Tolkoff and Halloran have more than 500 years of music and radio experience between them and need to knucklehead-splain to SOMEONE. The episodes are all archived so feel free to poke around for ones you missed. This week's episode is, as usual an homage to our hosts ignorance, featuring an appearance by Nerf from KTCL who, under intense interrogation by Hal and Tolkoff, explains the rating success of the station. Pay attention!