Episode 35 "Quarantine Reviewers"

Season 2, Episode 12,   Mar 24, 2020, 04:00 AM

The Rona aka Covid 19 is everywhere and has affected us on a large scale as it had dominated the news week by giving us many cancelations and delays, but we still try out best to give you guys a great show.

Welcome to the Ninja Please Podcast 

Today’s Host are Yuki, Makyo, and Silver. 
Black couldn’t join us but don’t worry he is healthy and if you need to get your fill on Comics you can find him over @Caveofcomics 2.0, in the meantime welcome to the show. 

The Rona aka Covid 19 is everywhere and has affected us on a large scale as it had dominated the news week by giving us many cancelations and delays, but we still try out best to give you guys a great show. 

Makyo has recently purchased the Latest Doom, Silver is going all-in on Animal Crossing and Starman has found some very interesting anime, to say the least. stay tuned for more. 

Silver walks us though her week in IT and what it's like working from home during the pandemic. 
She takes this time to walk us through Animal Crossing and The Latest Persona game in the series. Also, Silv and Makyo give us a breakdown of RPG’s VS J RPGs. 

 Fox Blanc aka Yuki walks the Ninja squad though this weeks Homework and suggestions. 
First up. Youtube’s Hotel Hazbin followed up by The Makyo suggested High-Rise, starring Tom Hiddleston. 
(Semi spoilers ahead)  Sorry. 
the third is  Daniel Radcliffe’s Guns Akimbo 
Dispatchers from Elsewhere is a new AMC show starring, produced and directed by Jason Segal and co-stars, Andre Benjamin. We keep it Spoiler free for the most part, consider this a deep take on the premise on the show. 

(00:43:00) NBC who owns Syfy has Live streaming on their app. 
many other networks do not have the option to watch content until 6 am or in many cases 12 hours later. 

Not far from this time point we speak on the trickle-down effect of exposure to non-confirmative relationships on TV and how they were able to open our eyes over time. 
from Desperate Housewives to Magicians and even Euphoria we take time to appreciate these shows and characters. 
FREAKS we give a breakdown and review of the Netflix phenomenon, trad lightly spoilers ahead. 

Marvel News!!! Marvel says that The Delay of Black widow won’t delay other Marvel Films, so we get into speculation as tho why that is .. stay tuned. 

Back from the break . 
A few weeks back we reported about an Anime that was dropped from Funimation and Amazon Prime Video because it was too Ecchi (Raunchy, perverted sexy). This only made Yuki want to watch it more, to find out how or why. After a 2 day Benge, Yuki is here with a breakdown and review of “Interspecies Reviewers”. An Anime about RPG style adventures reviewing Brothels. shit gets weird, feel free to skip and remember this is all for entertainment purposes. (wink wink) 

Silver Runs down a list of Films set to switch to VOD due to the virus. 
March 20th
The invisible man 
 The Hunt
March 24th
The Gentleman
Birds of Prey
March 27th
Banana split 
I still believe 
March 31st 
Please listen for the full list. 

Star wars News. The Internet wins as a fan favorite Rosario Dawson was cast as Ashoka in season 2 of the Mandalorian , however many fans were not pleased, and took to twitter to protest. Find out why . 

We dive into some funny conspiracies surrounding Covid 19 and later we get into Project Bluebook. Later we get back into More Covid delay News. 

This is today’s Hot topic, Marvel is Launching new characters and we unanimously are not with it. we go full in , in this segment. 

Allow me to apologize in advance for the later part of this segment. Our intention isn’t to make light of violence or its victims, a decision was made on the cutting room floor and we decided to allow the segment to demonstrate just how ridiculous we feel Marvel New warriors are. 

Things get personal , but that okay because its fun.

(02:28:50) We end this episode with a recap and review of the latest episode of Syfy's hit series, The Magicians. see y’all next time.

Original Music by Starman 
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