EP 100: Real Love Story interview with Nina

Mar 26, 06:00 AM
Hello lovely 👋, it’s Vicki here, with a gorgeous real love story podcast for you 💖
Today’s episode (recorded in Feb) is an interview with Nina, who I met back in 2014 when we were launching the pilot for the Get Ready for Love course.  
Nina was one of the 14 women who Selina and I wrote a Valentine’s Day card to, to invite them onto the journey of getting ready for love. In the episode, Nina shares the key milestones from her own Get Ready for Love journey and the valuable lessons she’s learnt along the way. 
This is such a beautiful love story, not only because Nina shares her story about her partner Adam, but also her own self-love journey and I can’t wait for you to listen to it! 
And if you are also wanting to go on your own Get Ready for Love journey then I am currently offering a discount on my 121 coaching programme, where all coaching sessions will be hosted via Zoom while we are self-isolating.

It may be that you’re thinking this could be a strange time to begin the dating journey, but with more people staying at home, dating apps are seeing a rise in usage – with messages, telephone calls and FaceTime. I’ve been having some great conversations with my existing clients about this and many of them are really enjoying dating virtually and actually finding this to be much more relaxed. You may not feel in the right headspace to date at all, and this won’t suit everyone, but if you are wanting to stay connected, then give telephone / FaceTime dating a try! 🙌

The Get Ready for Love programme that I offer is focused on creating the right conditions for a happy and fulfilling relationship, starting with yourself, and so it’s a process of self-love and self-development as much as a dating journey.
If you’d like to join me on this journey of transformation, then I would LOVE to hear from you. Get in touch at Vicki@loveprojectlove.com or alternatively, head over to
loveprojectlove.com/lovecoaching where you’ll find all the details.
I hope you enjoy the episode 💕💕💕
Lots of love, Vicki xxx