Uguisu in Inokashira Park on the eve of lockdown

Mar 28, 11:33 AM
Yokohama lockdown sound recorded by Gretchen Jude.

"I was rushing home after last-minute shopping for supplies before self-isolation, and decided to take the path through the park, where the cherry trees are in full bloom. 

"People have been asked to refrain from their usual raucous spring flower-viewing festivities, so the park was relatively empty--just full of wind and crows--and one very vocal songbird, a Japanese nightingale (I believe, though singing rather late in the season). 

"I stopped to whip out my phone, record, take a few breaths, and enjoy the melancholy sunset... now tucked away in my apartment for the duration!"

Part of the #StayHomeSounds project, documenting the sounds of the global coronavirus lockdown around the world - for more information, see