22 - Has Physics Debunked Panpsychism? Answering Sabine Hossenfelder

Mar 30, 09:00 PM
Theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder wrote a critique of panpsychism that’s become widely-cited in The Panpsychism Wars. Hossenfelder argues that physics has ruled out panpsychism. Panpsychists simply haven’t attempted to reconcile the massive conflict with the evidence. However, her arguments are deeply flawed, and one doesn’t need to affirm panpsychism to notice.

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“Why do the Deniers ignore a long line of distinguished materialist predecessors and ally themselves with Descartes, their sworn enemy, in holding that experience can’t possibly be physical—thereby obliging themselves to endorse the Denial? The answer appears to be that they share with Descartes one very large assumption: that we know enough about the physical to be certain that experience can’t be physical.”

“What a physiologist sees when he examines a brain is in the physiologist, not in the brain he is examining.”

“[M]aterialism ... is the philosophy of the subject who forgets himself in his calculation.”