EP 101: Your first quarterly review of the year...and what a year it's been so far!

Apr 02, 05:00 AM
Hi lovelies, 

It is time for you to grab your Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 journal and turn to the quarterly check-ins, because it is time for our first quarterly review of the year. And what a historic quarterly review this one will be!

It is incredible to think that we are only 3 months into the year. January feels like a different lifetime. But here we are, knee deep in a global pandemic. We both found that doing this quarterly review was actually incredibly grounding. Your plans for this quarter might have been completely derailed by everything that is going on. So it is time to regroup and see what intentions we can set for the next three months that will help us through these uncertain times. 

Even if you haven’t got the journal, you can still get it over on Amazon or simply tune into the episode today and do it along with us. 

We are now taking a break for a month on the podcast BUT…

We are running a weekly Love-In over on Zoom every week on Monday at 1pm BST during self-isolation. It’s a chance for us to get together for a big virtual hug. We have been LOVING them so far. Join in by signing up over here: https://loveprojectlove.com/lovein 

You’ll of course still find us over on @loveprojectlove on instagram AND we have both started our own channel on instagram: @vickithelovecoach and @selinathecoach so come and follow us over on those channels as we share how to navigate love, relationships and dating (Vicki) and living life and working from home (Selina) during the time of Coronavirus. 

Also mentioned in this episode…
28 Days of Love - a free self-love challenge - might be exactly what you need right now
Donna Lancaster @donnalancs on instagram - who is running grief events and generally offering us all wisdom, love and support during these times.

Hope you enjoy doing this historic quarterly review with us and we’ll be back with you in May for lots more!

See you over on the Love-Ins in the meantime.

Much love, 
X Selina & Vicki