Wednesday, April 1: An ER Nurse Shares Her Daily Life, A Seafood Market Stands Up For Their Employees, Dr. Choi From Yale on the Next Steps in Fighting the Coronavirus

Apr 01, 2020, 05:14 PM

Chaz and AJ spoke with an unnamed E.R. nurse who shared what daily life has become for her and other medical professionals on the front lines, as they struggle to treat patients and then go home in fear of infecting their families. (0:00) 

Joe, a Seafood Market owner in Enfield (Cold Harbor) has been dealing with frustrated customers, who don't want their hands sanitized before entering the market. Joe was on the phone to explain that he's protecting himself, his employees, and other customers with that practice (13:58) 

AJ brings some much-needed comedy to the morning during Dumb Ass News, thinking about the King of Thailand in a private hotel with his harem. (22:43) 

Dr. Cass Ingram comes on to talk about past pandemics, like the influenza outbreak of 1918, and how certain factory workers grinding cinnamon each day, were never sick. (27:52) 

Governor Lamont was asked at a press conference yesterday about his appearance on Chaz and AJ, and the question included a dig at the station's playlist. (35:39)

Dr. Choi is the point person at Yale for the Coronavirus task force, and joined Chaz and AJ to talk about the next steps at successfully combating the disease. (38:34) 

Donut Crazy are Open For Business! Jason the owner was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about their three locations remaining open, donating to hospitals, and taking care of the local first responders who frequent their locations. (49:53)