The ID Pipeline: Rezafungin & Antiviral Fc-Conjugates

Apr 02, 04:30 PM
Cidara Therapeutics is developing a new echinocandin called Rezafungin that's shown promise in clinical trials. Cidara is also developing a new anti-viral technology which isn't a vaccine, but could provide universal flu protection on a different basis. 
We talked to CEO Jeff Stein, PhD, about these therapies. 
After speaking with Dr. Stein, we hone in on Rezafungin in a chat with George Thompson, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the UC Davis School of Medicine. 
Dr. Thompson is an infectious disease clinician and an expert in the mycology field. He was an investigator in Cidara’s phase two trial of Rezafungin and is involved in the currently being enrolled phase three trial.

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Music credit: Joseph McDade