#StayHomeSounds: Awakening in Kontowood

Apr 05, 06:43 AM
Trieste lockdown sound recorded by Valerio Fiandra.

"Just an average, perfect awakening in Kontowood, Prosecco, Trieste, Italia. It’s still dark out, with stars and silence ruling.

"It's 5.30 am. Some mind and body exercises, and  as everyday since a couple of years, I listen to Johann Johannson’s Arrival Theme. We live up in the hills of Trieste, Italy, Contovello ( but I like to call it Kontowood ). 

"I make myself a good Illy coffee, and go out for a mutual greeting with the birds around. That's the part of the day that has remained equal even during these times. I come back, I open my book: morning has broken, and I’m feeling good.

Stay SAFE, exercise every day, enjoy LIFE: that's the perfect CURE, your personal and mutual VACCINE."

Part of the #StayHomeSounds project, documenting the sounds of the global coronavirus lockdown around the world - for more information, see http://www.citiesandmemory.com/covid19-sounds