#12 Jason Crump... 'Leading from the front'

Episode 12,   Apr 06, 2020, 09:31 AM

Join host MIKE BACON as he speaks to 3x World Champion JASON CRUMP in this fascinating podcast.
One of the speedway's true legends, Crump opens up about his life in speedway and his subsequent return to the track this season.

- 3 world titles, but something else meant more
- Early day fun and games at Peterborough
- My happiest days, before it got serious
- Coping with the pressure of a famous racing father
- Why riding in England was so important... And still is
- Those world title days
- Mr Consistent
- Yes, I'd change a some things if I could go back
- Why I loved the British GPs
- Golden Helmet fun in the Czech Republic
- Handlebar to handlebar with two of the safest... but who?
- Dust-ups with a few!
- Coming back to England in 2020 with Ipswich
- Will he be back next season......?

- One team boss Hawkins to another team boss Hawkins
- Fav tracks, least fav, toughest opponents and of course... Fav pizza topping