Apr 06, 02:52 PM
Padova lockdown sound by Daniele Bogon.

"My country is in quarantine, my city is a red area of ​​Italy. After more than a month, it is still strange to hear the news about the COVID-19, it is something that you do not get used to. 

"The sound of this track is taken from the street in front of my apartment; it is a busy street usually at any time of day or night. 

"The track is a photograph, a snapshot of a typical day in quarantine: there are few cars, no voices in the street and ambulances coming and going from the hospital. 

"Maybe one day the echo of those sirens will remain confined to a corner of memory, far from everything we live here and now, but in this suspended time we all have the opportunity to change the perspective and the point of view on our lives."

Part of the #StayHomeSounds project, documenting the sounds of the global coronavirus lockdown around the world - for more information, see