Monday, April 13: Hungry Man COVID-19 Update, Senator Blumenthal Answers the Tribe's Questions About the Stimulus Checks

Apr 13, 2020, 05:47 PM

Tribe member Hungry Man called in this morning, after 10 days on a ventilator battling COVID-19. He talked about the doctors and nurses that helped him, and how his wife is still working to get off her ventilator. (0:00) 

Chaz and AJ give an update on Coronavirus in CT, including nearly 1,000 new cases, and audio of nurses at Yale applauding a patient leaving the ICU. (5:59) 

Trooper First Class Jeltema talked about a jerk that crashed his car, then stole a car from someone who stopped to help him, and crashed that car. Plus, Monica the Uber Eats driver says she's seen a lot of Chinese food deliveries in the state, but a survey says burrito bowls are the number one ordered in option. (18:51) 

Senator Bluementhal calls in to answers the Tribe's questions about their stimulus checks, when the money will be available, and what their eligible for. (33:43) 

What is the difference between the Spanish Flu outbreak, and the COVID-19 pandemic? Kevin Estela on the phone to explain the similarities and differences. (50:32)