Episode 39 "RDE Part 2: Stand Out"

Season 2, Episode 16,  Apr 16, 2020, 04:00 AM

Part 2 of RDE, In this episode we discuss the 25th anniversary of A Goofy Movie, the latest Final Fantasy game, Resident Evil 3 and much more.

Welcome to Part 2 of RDE 

We start this episode off shortly after we came back from break.
While on break Makyo Metal and Star Man had a chance to see in real-time, the effects of COVID 19 in the form of Price inflation. 
This steers us down the road on a conversation about rare finds in commerce. 

Makyo Metal aka The Sorcerer Supreme, inquiries about the debt silver has been struggling to pay off on The New Animal Crossing,  and I'm sure many can relate. 
Later in this opening segment, we chat about Randomness and things from the Twitterverse 

DO you remember where you were the moment Captain America Picked up Mjölnir? well, this past week on twitter the clip went viral (Again) as millions of Marvel Fans joined together to share their excitement on what is arguably the most exciting moment in MCU History. 

James gun has given more details into what we may get from Guardians 3. 
We also discuss the lack of after school Disney shows for Disney+ i.e. Aladdin the animated series. We also take this time to speak on the 25th Anniversary of A Goofy Movie aka The Blackest Disney Movie of all time. 

We share some con grievances, as we have learned that the 2020 MomoCon has been canceled.

Black and Yuki give a breakdown on the season 2 premiere of The Harley Quinn Animated series on DC. 
This spawns a conversation about the DC Animated Universe, but we go further to ask “Why is Robin nor Nightwing ever-present in any live movies since Batman & Robin?”
Later down the segment, we discuss how movie soundtracks have become almost nonexistent.

Makyo discusses the difference between R&B groups and Boy Bands.  You be the judge. 
Speaking of boy bands, Makyo- metal details Justin Timberlake’s recent Hot One’s interview. 
Later we debate Xmen Evolution Vs The Breakfast Club, Was it a superhero, Daria? Yuki stands his ground and debates his case In Ninja Court. Stay Tuned !!!

Makyo Metal aka our Chief Gaming Insider recently got his clutches around the FFXII remake, and give us all the details on this mini-review. Enjoy!

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