Batman v Valencia

Apr 16, 2020, 11:00 PM

Alternative titles for these week's show include: "inspired by the Easter bunny", "Mario Balotelli's piglet", and "I've got a step-fish". Yes it's an animal themed show this week! Hayley McQueen, Lynsey Hooper, and Kait Borsay are here with all the animal related football knowledge you could ever want or need!


  • Topic 1 - Robins' Red Crest - Many of our favourite clubs have animals either as their nicknames or in their logos and we tell you some of their stories (06.40)
  • Topic 2 - Golden Retrievers - Stories of footballers and animal connections (18.30)
  • Topic 3 - Animal XI - we create an XI of footballers with the best animal names (25.40)
  • AOB - Cardboard fans, pitches, and Julia Roberts (32.00)