Friday, April 17: Nurse Marilyn Update, Brian Foley Announces Quick Testing Site, Boss Keith's Flubble

Apr 17, 2020, 05:15 PM

Marilyn the nurse from Wallingford called in with an update for Chaz and AJ. She hasn't seen any evidence of things slowing down, and reveals the song they play when a COVID-19 patient recovers. (0:00) 

Mitch Hallock, The King of the Nerds, remembers Brian Dennehy, and gives thoughts on what to watch this weekend. (8:19) 

Scot Haney talks about the weekend forecast, including snow for some of us. Then, Brian Foley announces the opening of Connecticut's very first quick testing center for COVID-19 in New Haven. (21:01) 

For Winner of the Week, Chaz acknowledged all of the workers at grocery stores. Later, Bob from Ansonia talked about his wife, who works 70 hours a week at a grocery store, and helps Bob with everything else since he's disabled. (36:39) 

In news, CVS Health Senior Vice President Emmanuel Kolady further explained the quick testing center in New Haven, and what you will need to do before arriving. (49:06) 

In Dumb Ass News, Maryland has too much faith in their citizens to obey new shopping safety measures. Then, an AJ joke has unintended comedy. (58:56)

Boss Keith's Top 5 was recorded at home this week, the positive things he's learned while staying at home. The list was lost when he mispronounced "Monopoly." (1:04:37)