Clap for the NHS, London

Apr 18, 2020, 10:25 AM
London lockdown sound recorded by Keith de Mendonca. 

"All is quiet on the streets before, as there are few planes or cars. The distant sound of applause triggers the apartments I am standing in front of to respond. A train passes and hoots its horn. And then once it passes silence returns - except for a solitary food delivery man on a scooter arriving to deliver hot food. 

"It is peaceful so far and relatively quiet in this location near Bermondsey Spa - we can hear birds more clearly and the local fox is more bold in its movements during the day. Home work steadily becomes harder as the malaise of isolation builds up. Warm weather taunts everyone outside; flowers and trees are blossoming."

Part of the #StayHomeSounds project, documenting the sounds of the global coronavirus lockdown around the world - for more information, see