RF Podcast Episode 3: Wellbeing with Naomi Jane

Season 1, Episode 3,  Apr 18, 2020, 02:03 PM

Welcome back to another Renaissance Foundation Podcast, a podcast about inspiration made by young people. We were lucky enough to have a whole session dedicated to the importance of wellbeing led by the very inspirational Naomi Jane. Founder of her own company A Life Less Ordinary, Naomi helps entrepreneurs/business leaders overcome challenges and also facilitates workshops.

In this discussion you'll hear our young leaders and staff ask Naomi lots of questions about wellbeing as we are all stuck in isolation and definitely need it!  Naomi offers incredible advice about being there for people you care about as well as using empathy to support loved ones, why you shouldn't take online quizes too much to heart and simple breathing exercise that can really help when feeling too overwhelmed.

These 2 resources were mentioned in the episode and we encourage checking their websites to see if their services can help you or a friend:

Young minds:

Childline by NSPCC

to find out more and how to support us please visit: