078. Didsbury Gin: From Spirits to Hand Santitizer

Episode 78,   Apr 21, 2020, 06:00 AM

Business resilience is currently being tested to its limit. Covod-19 is taking a heavy toll on thousands of businesses, especially in the hospitality sector.  Many have closed their doors indefinitely and furloughed their staff. But a few companies are pivoting to provide essential supplies to the frontline.  

Responding to calls from police officers on the ground Didsbury Gin made the switch from spirits to hand sanitizer. It has now made more than one million bottles to help keep key workers safe. 

Liam Manton co-founded Didsbury Gin in 2017 and the company experienced meteoric growth. Like many other businesses Didsbury Gin is now carving a path through these exceptionally chopping waters. 

Liam speaks to Trish about how the company have pivoted, their plans for global expansion and the support available for businesses during Covid-19. Just ignore the fact he's recording the podcast covered in crisps.