Alan Lithgow - 2017-2018 - Livingston

Apr 20, 2020, 08:28 PM

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This episode could not be recorded in person due the coronavirus lockdown, so apologies for the reduced audio quality.

This week, we drench ourselves in promotion champagne as Livingston captain and Nico Hulkenberg-lookalike Alan Lithgow takes us on an epic fairy-tale pilgrimage into the top flight of the Scottish League.

Find out how serendipity intervened just as Al was about to put pen to paper with Airdrie, what are his real feelings of playing on Livingston's infamous artificial pitch, what was the impetus to Livi's 11-game unbeaten run after Christmas.

Find out all this and more including insight into how Livingston paid their promotion heroes more than they were entitled to in bonuses.