Find Your Why, Find Your Niche with Colin Scotland

May 27, 08:19 AM
Colin Scotland took his own E-Commerce business from zero to £4million per year revenue (before it failed spectacularly in 2013). He has since built a thriving marketing coaching business and have the privilege of sharing his experience with creative entrepreneurs from around the world. Colin's mission and purpose is as Seth Godin wrote to “help others become who they seek to become”.

Colin will share his Two Circles exercise to help you gain clarity and unlock limitless potential in your life and business.
  1. Discover your WHY and connect with your true purpose... So you can actually enjoy the challenge of building the lifestyle business you want
  2. This exercise will show you how to match your genius to potential clients WHO care... So you can do more great work with people who actually value what you do
  3. Uncover HOW you solve problems for your clients... So you never have to sell ever again... You are simply solving problems and serving others by doing what you do best
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